Dealing With Divorce: Therapy for Families in Franklin, MA

Family Counseling During DivorceWhen parents decide to divorce, it can become a very confusing and stressful time for children, regardless of age. They often feel anger, guilt, responsibility and fear at the thought of their parents breaking up. It is important for couples who are contemplating divorce to bring their children in for counseling services and supportive therapy to help them cope with the situation. Our team of Franklin, MA therapists at Transitions Counseling can provide a wide range of couples and family therapy options that can be used to help reassure children and promote a positive attitude throughout the process of divorce.

How Parents Can Help
Chances are good that you, as a parent, are going through some major emotions and are having concerns of your own when going through a divorce. That’s normal and expected. However, it is important for your to make sure that your children get the support that they need while you navigate this new phase in your life to make sure that they continue to feel loved and recognized during this time. Counseling services through a reputable private practice in Massachusetts can be just what you and your family need to survive the changes that come with divorce.

Some things that parents can do to help alleviate concerns and provide structure include:

  • establishing a routine so kids know when they will be seeing the other parent, go to school, visit other relatives and spend time with friends
  • listen to their feelings as much as possible so they have a way to express themselves
  • come to couples and family therapy for supportive therapy to encourage everyone involved and learn to work through the changes together
  • don’t fight, argue or discuss your divorce and custody issues in front of the children
  • make sure that children know that the divorce has nothing to do with them and that it is not their fault
  • communicate directly with your ex so the child doesn’t become a messenger
  • only say nice things about the other parent so the child doesn’t feel that they have to take sides

The Benefits of Counseling Services and Divorce
While it might seem strange to commit to therapy after deciding to get a divorce, it is important to remember that this type of couples and family therapy through your local Franklin, MA therapists is more about the children than about the marriage dissolving. The goal here is to provide supportive therapy so the children do not get put in the middle or made to feel responsible for the situation. In some cases, individual therapy for children and adolescents can be required, in addition to group appointments for couples and family therapy. This can help the child to feel more confident and to open up during family counseling services.

Parents should recognize the feelings that children have during divorce and try to be:

  • patient as they learn to cope with the situation
  • supportive as they express their feelings and emotions
  • reassuring in case children feel worried or concerned about their future
  • diplomatic to reduce tension during visitations with your ex

The benefits that can come from a positive attitude and a willingness to participate in couples and family therapy for the good of the children can be very great. Counseling services can help both parents to be honest and straight-forward with the children about the divorce, avoiding common mistakes that can make children unreasonably hope for reconciliation. Reminding your children that they are loved by both parents can provide them with strength and encouragement that will help them to get through this transition. Addressing changes as a family, such as weekend visits or split holidays, can help children be more equipped to handle them in the future.

Contact Transitions Counseling for Family Therapy
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